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  1. Helped to provide Relicensing support to thousands of drivers since 1989 thereby restoring healthier lifestyle and wellbeing.
  2. Trusted collaboration with all providers and role players in the field, including VicRoads, Police, Judiciary and Treatment services.
  3. Exhaustive experience in assisting with all types of issues associated with loss of licence, including legal, health and treatment issues.
  4. Privacy and confidentiality is guaranteed due to the natural sensitive nature of our work and the need for authentic rapport with clients in order to truly benefit from advice all around.
  5. Our director is a Dr. of Biochemistry who has specialised in the Science of Addiction since the mid 1980’s and remains in touch with this field on a day to day level.
  6. Our clients testimonies are clearly heartfelt and genuine as these describe positively our health intervention strategy as lifesaving impacting with amazing results on clients’ entire lifestyle.
  7. We are eager to monitor our clients’ feedback on an ongoing basis in order to provide a relevant and specific service that is second to none.
  8. We understand that this entire experience for our clients is extremely tough, financially. Thus, our costs have been set especially whilst considering this added stressful factor on clients demanding lives.
  9. We offer quality breathalysers at half the normal cost to clients who undergo our service as both supporting tool to maintain their vigilance and as a thank you for choosing our devices.
  10. Our clients maintain contact for any potential for further help or support re the matter of relicensing or for any other health concerns.