The Written Breathalyser


This is a unique, scientifically validated, smart guide that enables alcohol consumers to estimate their Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) given a certain number of standard drinks consumed over a certain period of time. Supported by the Academy of Health Education of Victoria and, this intelligent guide defines a standard drink thereby providing essential facts about “drunkenness” versus “BAC”. Please pay special attention to “warning signs”. Prepare to be startled with the wealth of practical and lifesaving information contained within this SMART BREATHALYSER.

You can choose to download and view this guide FREE, as often as required. However, due to copyright regulations and the use of multiple colours within the design, you will not be able to print it directly off line. Simply, fill out a purchase request using a valid credit card (Master or Visa) and receive “The Written Breathalyser” delivered to your door for merely $4.95. Moreover, decide to purchase multiple copies and receive a corresponding discount for the selected quantity, inclusive postage and handling. Bulk orders above 100 can be purchased at $1.95 per copy directly by contacting our office on: 03 9846 3674 or by email to [email protected].