M5 Alcohol Ignition / Interlock Device


Our M5 device is NOT approved for use under the Victorian Alcohol Ignition Program (VAIP) as part of the Vicroads Mandatory Interlock program for drink drive offenders in Victoria. The marketing of this device is purely for voluntary use to help change attitudes and develop sensible habits that prevent drink driving in Australia. Ideally, Corporate and Transport Industries and responsible individuals / families may choose to fit such a device as a safety mechanism to avoid making mistakes particularly where the stakes are high such as in Trucks.

M5 with FIT Interlock Device

An Alcohol Interlock (M5) is an electronic breath-testing device, wired to the ignition system of a vehicle. Interlocks can be fitted to motorcycles, cars and trucks. A vehicle fitted with an Interlock will not start unless the driver passes a breath test.

  1. Used on Australian roads and ideal in corporate vehicles to immobilise driving upon detection of alcohol in the breath of the driver
  2. Alcohol ignition or interlock devices are now mandatory requirements in Victoria and other states in Australia.