Know Your Limit Video & Pamphlet


The majority, 60-70% of individuals in our society, are classified as moderate or social drinkers. Consequently, they do not form the focus of educational campaigns as they pose little if any risk within the community. However, this is not the case in the present educational video: Know Your Limit. This 14 minute video and pamphlet is an informative and entertaining guide for social drinkers who would like to be able to estimate their BAC and become more aware of how alcohol affects their body. The video also lets viewers in on some handy tips about how to plan their drinking when they are out and the common traps to look for. The accompanying pamphlet is also a helpful guide, particularly for women, to estimate their own BAC. Both video and pamphlet provide a synergistic educational message aimed at the general community (in particular those in the 18 – 50 age bracket), including training / educational institutions, clinicians, schools and the workforce.