.05 Know Your Limit Memory Function Smart Breathalyser Kit – MK2


  • Designed for quick personal use, up to 0.08%
  • Ideal for zero BAC drivers or sensitive members of the community;

For the past 25 years, I have worked within the Drink Drive Education and Rehabilitation field. During this time, I have come to realise that many people underestimate the effects of alcohol on our society. I am convinced that the alcohol problem incorporates both genetic and environmental components. This is why I am passionate about promoting the truth about this drug.

This unique .05 Know Your Limit (KYL) educational kit has been designed to help you understand the difference between Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) versus drunkenness. Whilst the most accurate measurement of BAC is through a Blood Test, your .05 KYL Personal Breathalyser is a useful and practical guide after consuming alcohol. However, it is important to remember that your BAC is affected by numerous personal factors such as age, health, lifestyle, build, height and particularly, gender. Accordingly, if a breathalyser does not give a consistent result amongst a group of individuals who have consumed the same amount of alcohol in the same period of time, this is expected as the variation in such readings is not caused by the breathalyser, it is in fact caused by the individuals themselves. Please refer to the BAC guide for further explanation. This highlights the benefits of this kit and places it truly as a cut above the rest due to its tremendous educational potential not just its practicality.

The kit will enable you to maintain a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. When used as recommended, this kit will also help raise awareness allowing good times to be enjoyed safely, particularly amongst the young.

Kit Contains

  • BAC Guide
  • 5 x Mouthpieces
  • Digital Breathalyser
  • Know Your Limit DVD
  • Standard Drink Measure

Proudly supported and recommended by the Academy of Health Education of Victoria.
AHEV is a fully accredited Provider of Drink Driver Education & Rehabilitation Services
under the Victorian Department of Human Services (VADEP 92 / 003).

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