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Information management systems rely on any necessary restrictions on the free circulation of information being respected by those into whose hands the information is entrusted.


The purpose of this document is to provide a framework for Drink Drive in dealing with confidentiality considerations.

Policy Drink Drive collects and administers a range of information for a variety of purposes. Some of this information is restricted in its circulation for commercial, privacy, or ethical reasons. Drink Drive will place the minimum of restrictions on the information it holds, but will ensure that such restrictions as are considered necessary are observed by its staff and volunteers.

Responsibilities Drink Drive’s Director/Owner/Manager is responsible for the implementation of this policy. Drink Drive’s Director/Owner/Manager is responsible for reviewing this policy as and when the need arises.

All employees/contractors are responsible for observing confidentiality procedures in their workplace.


The records management processes of the organisation shall incorporate procedures for designating information confidential.

Restriction Drink Drive will place restrictions on the information it holds when the information:

  • is commercial in confidence;
  • concerns the privacy of its staff, contractors, clients or customers;
  • requires protection to safeguard the intellectual property of the organisation.

Staff dealing with restricted material will be instructed in the recognition of material falling under these headings.


Any information on which restrictions have been placed shall be as far as possible clearly identified on the document or file. Where categories of information, rather than individual documents, are restricted this restriction will be conveyed to staff and contractors dealing with this information.


Staff of the organisation, and contractors dealing with restricted information, shall be required to sign a confidentiality agreement.


All staff will be instructed in the requirements of this policy.