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Personal Breathalysers (Breathalyzers)

When buying a personal breathalyser online there are some critical things to take into consideration to make sure you get the most accurate blood alcohol content (BAC) readings. You can rest assured that all of our breathalysers:

  • Are tested to Australian standards
  • Include Lifetime Support and Service:
    • Free re-calibration (every 6-12 months)
    • Drop and damage? We?ll replace it for 50% off the normal price!
    • Done? We?ll recycle the unit back to the manufacturer.
  • Include free educational tools and information such as:
    • Standard Drink Measure cup
    • Pocket Breathalyser Guide
  • Include a full money-back guarantee.

Some of our breathalysers also have a ?memory? so you can recall your readings and develop an understanding of how your own body metabolises alcohol over time – see our MK2 Memory Function Smart Breathalyser Kit.

Got a question about buying breathalysers online?

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M5 Alcohol Ignition/Interlock Device

An Alcohol Interlock (M5) is an electronic breath-testing device, wired to the ignition system of a vehicle.

$ 750.00

Discount: -$ 245.00

.05 Know Your Limit Memory Function Smart Breathalyser Kit – MK2

This unique .05 Know Your Limit (KYL) educational kit has been designed to help you understand the difference between Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) versus drunkenness.

$ 220.00

Discount: N/A

The Written Breathalyser

This is a unique, scientifically validated, smart guide that enables alcohol consumers to estimate their Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) given a certain number of standard drinks consumed over a certain period of time.

$ 4.95