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Our work is unpopular given its nature. Also, it’s impossible to please everyone at the best of times, let alone in our field. However, we try saving most lives we come across and for any one grumble we might receive, we have over hundreds of satisfied clients.

The following are actual recent quotes from our clients* taken directly from our feedback / appraisal forms.

(*NOTE: To protect anonymity only first names have been used when given, otherwise the client has elected to remain anonymous.)

What our clients say about our drink driving courses:

Thank you for everything William, you have helped me a lot. I really like my report looks really good. I will make sure to give out your services to people that have been in trouble for drink driving. I give .05 a 10 out of 10 for really good services and good education.


Hi William. Had my day in court. Got my licence reinstated. Older woman magistrate. Asked all the hard questions. Thanks to you I knew all the right answers. Thanks again.


I attended Sunshine Magistrates Court yesterday and all went very well. Thanks so much for everything you and Dr Kaldawi have done for me. I do hope I don’t have to see you under these unfortunate circumstances again. By the way, the magistrate didn’t even say the word interlock during my hearing. Lucky me! My hearing lasted less than 2 minutes. I think it was the shortest hearing of the morning! Thanks again.


Thank you for your guidance and your assistance with my application and for sending through the report to the court.
I am very appreciative of the way you’ve conducted the course and answered the questions along the way. I will not hesitate to recommend you to any mates. I guess I’ll see you in 4years time to apply for the I-Removal.


It was an awesome outcome, no interlock. The magistrate was running late but still made it down to Vicroads just in time. Thanks again for all your help.


Thank you for helping me get my licence back and keep it.


The presentation and style were excellent. Every segment was very useful. This course should be done by all learner drivers


The Australian Story video was the hardest hitting. My attitude towards alcohol improved and I am extremely confident about not drink driving again.


Most useful segments were on how different body types are affected by alcohol and BAC. Levels of BAC can confuse the drinker. Prevention is better than medicine. There should be education programs before licensing and cars should be fitted with “anti-alcohol” systems


About a Drug Called Alcohol” was above average. My attitude towards alcohol improved as a result of tis course and I am extremely confident about not drink driving again. This course was very helpful.


Wasn’t “as painful” an experience as expected! The presenter did a great job especially detailing a various range of sensitive issues such as personal circumstances and the costs.


Presentation and videos were excellent. The explanations of tolerance and the laws and court requirements were the most useful. We also got to understand other people’s cases and learn what not to do.


Discussions of others’ offences made me realise how badly I could do in life by wilfully drink driving again. The idea of being a repeat offender really scares me now.


The Pocket BAC Guide and chart was the most useful to understand the amount of alcohol consumed and times between drinks. How to estimate blood alcohol concentration and remember it also for court purposes.


Most useful segment was showing the curses of drink driving and how harmful it is. I am much more thoughtful now regarding this problem.


Health and medical consequences and harmful effects of long term drinking; an eye-opening Australian culture that needs a change. Maybe starting with putting labels on drinks and zero BAC requirements.


The presenter was humorous, funny and informative. Thank you.


Effects on brain, body, liver etc. Very well presented and lots of info. A really good course to have for all “L” plate drivers before getting into trouble as a “P” plater.


The BAC Calculator was very useful.


Presenter was extremely informative, educational and promoted awareness. We did not even need to ask questions as everything was covered perfectly.


Learning how to get our licence back was most useful!


Knowing about a standard drink and effects of alcohol most useful. I had no idea.


I thought it would be a guilt trip, but it wasn’t.


The presentation was excellent in working out the time required to be zero BAC again.


I would like to say a big THANKS to the presenter for his time.


Presenter was very clear and helpful. Great course!


BAC calculation and differences in metabolism of alcohol between males and females.


I was AMAZED in the first session. Should be compulsory for all “L” drivers


Understanding that alcohol is a drug and what it can do to you was a big eye opener.


Initially, I thought it was just a revenue raiser, but I walked away with very useful info to guide me in future endeavours. Instructor made what I thought was something dull into a rather informative and enjoyable course.


Segment on food and alcohol was most useful and also the legal repercussions.


Thanks to the presenter. The course gave me all the info I need to get my licence back. Interlock info was most useful as it gave me a lot of insight into what I will be going through.


I learnt that 0.05 does not related to how drunk you are. This course exceeded my expectations. Make these courses compulsory at all schools. The presenter was very clear and polite in their manner of presentation.


The course has a broad outlook but expressed in an easy fashion.


Learning how to calculate BAC and differences between men and women in terms of BAC; was most helpful thanks to the presenter. I appreciate all your help and advice.


First class course, learnt a lot. Knowing my limit.


Scientific side of this course was most useful and the presenter kept it interesting.


About how alcohol does not only affect the consumer, but also the loved ones around them.


Non judgmental. Most useful. A good sized group, not too big or small.


The most useful info was about genetics and BAC.


Presenter had a great teaching style. Very entertaining.


Enjoyed learning about pre-contemplative/contemplative model: my actions leading to reaction and relapse. Great most useful segment.


Cheerful presenter.


Very educational; gave us confidence for court.


Relaxed by enthusiastic and passionate presentation.


Great presentation and please to have completed this course with you.


I was unsure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised b depth and amount of info.


Well presented program and really got the message home about the dangers of alcohol and driving.


General open discussion was fantastic to listen and learn from.


Course was very well run and met everything I was hoping for.


Would be great to have courses such as yours available to the public and start this education process at school.


The Pocket BAC Guide was excellent.


Excellent distinction between BAC and drunkenness. Understanding that the BAC is not affect by how you feel or how drunk you are.


The doctor talking about the damage to the organs; makes you think.


It was most useful to discuss how to make changes for the future.


Thanks to the presenter; but I hope to never see you again under these circumstances.


The videos were very useful, my expectations were met. I expected to be overwhelmed but found it instead to be enjoyable.


The video About a Drug Called Alcohol helped me understand how I am affected by alcohol socially.


I’m glad I’ve done this course and now I know how bad alcohol can be on your body.


I found the genogram most useful and the standard drink measure; I’m now more aware because this explained a lot about my personal background and what I have seen and experienced.


The most useful experience was understanding and appreciating that the disqualification was probably the most degrading experience of my life. There is no way I will repeat this offence. I now know that my licence is a privilege and not a right.


A very good program by 05.com.au. I am very happy I attended. Thanks.


This program helped me realise how my own behaviour towards alcohol was deteriorating. It helped me change my lifestyle and was a reality check.


Helped me realise through the statistics the extent of my addiction to alcohol in the community and helped me limit my drinking.


I enjoyed this course; I should not have waited that long to enrol. Drinking and driving do not mix


This course should be mandatory to all drivers applying for, or renewing their licence to learn about responsible drinking. This course exceeded my expectations.


The presenter was clear and polite and very good with his explaination about alcohol and its consequences. Thanks


The harm to your brain is unbelievable and the science behind BAC levels.


All segments of this course were useful. I came feeling like a criminal and a ‘bloody idiot’ etc. I now understand the deterrence aspect after doing this course and feel like I can stop myself from feeling like a football which can be kicked again and again.


I’m very satisfied with 05.com.au and I know I will not drink and drive again.


The Standard Drink Measure knowledge was most useful.


How to Calculate my BAC and physical and mental effects were most useful. Thank you.


Very useful infor about BAC and how to work out what is a standard drink.


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