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Buy personal breathalysers, Interlock devices, BAC calculators & more?

One of the most effective methods of preventing drink driving is through use of personal breathalysers. That?s why we recommend the use of breathalysers for the prevention of drink driving and alcohol-related road fatalities.

We recommend and support all of our products because we have tested them and found them to be reliable, accurate and extremely suitable for such purposes.

NOTE: the use of breathalysers, including those used by police at Preliminary Breath Testing Stations, cannot be used, nor their results accepted in Court. The only breathalysers accepted or used in Court are those used to charge and convict potential offenders under strict legal standards and guidelines.

Nevertheless the breathalysers that we sell are guaranteed to perform according to their specifications. Similar breathalysers available on the market do not include the BAC guide or DVD and are not priced as competitively.

Are you currently taking one of our drink driving courses or assessments? Ask us about special offers and discounts on the following products:

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