New drink and drug driving penalties

New drink and drug driving penalties that will become effective as of 30 April 2018. 

Briefly, the new laws are as follows.

Drink driving:

Anyone with a full driver licence who has a first offence Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) reading at or above 0.05 will incur the following:

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Caught Drink Driving Interstate?

From 31 January 2018, if you hold a Victorian licence and get caught drink driving interstate, the same rules apply as if the offence occurred in Victoria.

This means that your Victorian licence will get cancelled and you’ll have conditions such as a zero blood alcohol (Z condition) and an interlock (I) condition applied to your licence once it is successfully restored by meeting the necessary legal requirements. 

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Hangovers – Myths and Facts

A horrible dry mouth, drowsy feeling the morning after heavy alcohol consumption. Hangover cures from ?al ko hol?, an arabic word, date back to ancient Romans, Greeks who believed that eating a Canary or Cabbage can cure Hangovers. Many people today still abide by such myths, spread by gossip and anecdotal experiences. Such myths include ?salt in a strong cup of coffee (in France), ?lifting the drinking arm and rubbing half a lemon under it (Puerto Rico) and even in Australia, some of us believe that eating greasy food, smoking or having lots of coffee can cure you from a hangover.

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