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B.Sc. (Hons.), Ph.D., M.R.A.C.I., C.Chem.
Managing Director
Academy of Health Education of Victoria

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Mission and Philosophy:
To improve quality of life throughout the community, through health and lifestyle education and body and mind integration. Our Health intervention Strategy is focussed on harm awareness as the educational tool designed to reduce or even ultimately eliminate harm from the community.

A caring approach integrating body and mind as part of an overall therapy for health and lifestyle management, that is psychosocial (coping with stress and inner happiness) and biological (exercise and nutrition) components.

A network of caring and experienced Health Professionals from various disciplines with psychosocial and medical qualifications. The team is dedicated towards helping our clients achieve a better quality lifestyle and inner happiness.

A wide range of health issues such as problem drinking, exercise awareness, skills training and women’s health. The following categories describe in detail our services.

Group or Personal Health Education Programs:
These programs are tailored specifically to meet the needs of a particular environment such as schools, the workforce and the community. AHEV conducts group or personal counselling in the following areas: alcohol & drug education (includes cannabis rehabilitation), gambling awareness, quit smoking, relaxation & stress management, self confidence / assertiveness, diet and nutrition.

Corporate Health:
Services for those in the corporate sector to improve productivity and efficacy. Workshops are conducted in many areas but specifically Executive Stress Management. A unique approach which includes meditation, relaxation and exercise. Skills training provided to deal with challenging situations and Conflict resolution.

Alcohol & Drug Treatment Service:
AHEV is listed as an Alcohol and Drug Treatment Service under Section 8A of the ADDP (Alcohol and Drug Dependent Persons) Act. This service is specifically designed for outpatients with alcohol and drug problems.

Drink Driver Education Programs:
AHEV is fully accredited by the State Department of Health and Community Services to conduct the Victorian Drink Driver Program in numerous locations around Melbourne. The topics covered include: what is a standard drink?, myths about sobering up, effects of alcohol in society, interaction of alcohol & drugs, procedures to follow when re-applying for your licence and many more. Special educational videos are shown and materials given to maximize participants understanding of alcohol’s detrimental effects on the body and society. Courses are delivered by accredited, qualified consultants using adult education principles. Translated educational materials and interpreters are provided for those with Non-English speaking backgrounds.

Women’ Health:
A service specifically designed for women, including issues of specific importance to women such as Menopause and Osteoporosis.

Holistic health:
Re-establishing harmony between body and mind and revitalising the system allowing you to embrace a life of health and vitality.

Meditation and Positive Thinking:
Meditation is the practice of calming a busy mind & creating positive thoughts. Through such practice one would experience stability and clarity of mind, the ability to find deep inner peace and contentment. Current research suggests that negative psychological and emotional states are associated with many illnesses and that effective stress management is a great preventive or curative measure. The skill of gaining power to erase negative feelings is developed as is the realisation of the importance of positive attitudes to approach all activities and endeavours with a clearer perception. The effect of mental relaxation on the body is to allow the physiology to balance and harmonise, and the increased awareness allows us to make more conscious and reasonable lifestyle decisions.
Meditation has also proved to have positive physiological effects such as a decrease in oxygen consumption, blood pressure, heart rate, serum cholesterol and an increase in skin resistance.


Relicensing guidelines:
A chart which describes in simple format, the guidelines for relicensing drink drivers in Victoria. It also includes the type of licence re-issued & procedures to be followed for each category of offences.

BAC estimation fold up pamphlet:
A pocket size guide designed to help people estimate their blood alcohol content after drinking. It also gives information on standard drinks and factors which influence BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) as distinct from level of drunkenness. Additional warnings are provided such as zero BAC requirement, damage of mixing alcohol with medication or other drugs, etc. Other features include some black and white facts on alcohol.

Poster of BAC estimation pamphlet:
Poster format of the above pamphlet.

About A Drug Called Alcohol:
Written and produced by Dr. Robert Kaldawi and launched in March, 1995, by Triple World Aerobics Champion, Sue Stanley, this 15 minute video and booklet is ideal for school teachers and health educators working in the field of alcohol education. It is designed to educate Australians about the controversial and socially accepted DRUGALCOHOL. The video and booklet address issues such as tolerance and metabolism of alcohol, definition of a social drinker, warning signs, blackout, short and long term effects, Foetal Alcohol Syndrome and increased susceptibility of women. About A Drug Called Alcohol contains a wealth of information which has been compiled in a simple and effective manner. It includes actors and interviews with professionals. The pathology of alcohol abuse is well demonstrated using specimens of organs damaged by this drug. The booklet is a valuable adjunct, providing additional information for teachers and health professionals to use in programs and workshops. The entire package aims at creating an effective and long lasting educational message about alcohol.

Meditation – Based Stress Management Booklet:
An educational tool designed to teach meditation as a basis for Stress Management. The areas covered include What is Stress?, the relationship between body and mind, principles of Stress Management, what meditation is and the practice of relaxation / meditation. The foundations of the Meditation – Based Stress Management Program are based on eight tasks or principles which play a synergistic role towards its success. The booklet can be considered separately as an excellent educational resource by itself. Alternatively, it is a valuable adjunct for participants who enrol in the six week Stress Management Program.

Genetic Predisposition & Alcoholism Booklet:
Genetic Predisposition & Alcoholism is an educational booklet written by Dr. Robert Kaldawi (Ph.D.) from the Academy of Health Education Victoria, ?1998. The Genetic Predisposition & Alcoholism booklet is designed to answer in simple terms the most asked questions about the nature of an alcohol problem particularly from a genetic perspective. It is also useful as a guide for health workers, clinicians and individuals whose lives have been significantly affected by alcohol. The information is presented in a factual manner using a broad minded approach and philosophy.