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Drink driving facts blog

The problem is not “drink driving”, it’s our attitude to drinking and alcohol consumption

All too often in Australian society “drink driving” is held up as the cause of the high road toll and deaths of young people on our roads. But there’s a much deeper cause that most people don’t want to look at: alcohol consumption and our attitudes around one of the most dangerous drugs there is.


Our petition to the Government:

We are currently considering petitioning the Australian Government on this critical issue. Please consider the following statements and decide if you would like to be involved in a petition to government to support a new policy around alcohol consumption in Australia.


We propose:

  1. Drink Driving is NOT the problem that needs fixing. Drinking alcohol itself is the problem in such instances.

  1. According to the TAC: "If you drink drive you are a bloody idiot". It should also be the case: If you binge on alcohol, you are a bloody idiot. Our new suggested slogan is: "If you binge drink, your brain will shrink."

  1. .05% is the limit for drink driving. .05% should also be generally the limit for drinking: .05% whether or not you drive.

  1. "Drunk in Public" and "Drunk and Disorderly" are potential charges if you attract police attention over wrongdoing. However, you can drink till you reach alcohol-poisoning levels legally provided you are not casing any disturbance.

    The perception of the community is that getting drunk is "ok" as long as you do it safely and don’t drive. The law should change to reflect our concern over binge drinking and excessive use of alcohol. We see this issue as our "duty of care" as professionals and for those involved in political decision making processes on law changes.

    We are recommending a change in legislation that makes it "illegal" to have a certain alcohol reading whilst in public as the person in question would be a danger to themselves or others. We would begin with an obviously unacceptable level of alcohol such as 0.15% or more.

    There is a general agreement that such a level is unacceptable on many fronts: health (blackouts / brain damage / developing tolerance / addiction potential); legal (residual alcohol remaining in the system the following day, drink driving, work performance, absenteeism, hang overs etc.), and social / domestic problems.

    We ought to begin this as a trial in order to evaluate its success in reducing outcome of potential accidents, legal and health problems.


  1. The federal government is in a process of examining and / or considering a review over alcohol laws in Australia. Let us give them a guide to what is desperately needed.

  1. As professionals in this field, if we continue allowing the same, we are hypocrites. Enough is enough.


Please write back to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any queries, comments and / or to indicate your support for further submission to law makers.

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