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Conspiracy Theory or Fact?

Why! Have we lost the plot? Community health awareness on alcohol is negligible compared to tobacco despite the fact that tax revenue from alcohol significantly outweighs that of tobacco.


This article asks  WHY this is so? At a time when alcohol is arguably the MOST concerning issue of our time, definitely bigger than the “war on terror”.


Health, legal, social, road trauma and other costs from alcohol-related harm, cause overall the biggest grief across the nation. Therefore, it would be fair to ask the following questions:


Why isn't enough being done to fix this monumental problem?


Why aren't professional going up in arms about this drug and its extreme accessibility to essentially anyone at anytime?


Why aren't the community protesting binge drinking avenues such as free drinks or all you can drink nights?


Why doesn't the Liquor Licensing commission ban Public Intoxication on licensed premises?


Why is the legal definition of “intoxication” so ambiguous?


Why isn't the alcohol industry put under similar pressure like the tobacco industry with duty of care laws such as warnings messages on packaging?


Why doesn't Australia promote moderation instead of social binge drinking as a national icon?


Why are laws about supply alcohol to a minor not as tough as trafficking in drugs?


Why isn't there a common place of treatment whereby “addicts” can access safely without risk of prosecution?


Why is harm minimization such a popular treatment modality that it is essentially applied across the board?


Why is there such increase in taxes on alcohol without a corresponding increase on awareness and treatment? Does that in itself show hypocrisy, in other words, the more people use alcohol, the more tax is being paid, the more revenue the government makes whilst the more sick our community gets?


Why do we hide behind “prohibition” every time the heat is put on alcohol?


Why is the least dangerous drug in society is illegal whilst the most damaging is legal? Is that a paradox or a proof that prohibition in fact works simply based on the concept of “accessibility”. Illegal substances are far less accessible to kids!


Our Proposal

A legendary approach towards changing the way Australians perceive alcohol and other drugs is being launched by and Please visit


Based on this campaign, we hereby make the following announcements:


We reject “party or recreational” drugs as contradiction in terms.


We reject “getting drunk socially” as being normal social drinking behaviour.


We reject “binge drinking” as the “norm” in Australian society and culture.


We reject “justifying or covering up” such behaviour as mate-ship.


We reject “enablers” who allow the sick to get sicker.


We reject “shouts”, “elbow grease”, “drinking your mates under the table”, “dare drinking” and other social icons as being “Australian”.


We reject “hypocrisy” of some adults who do not provide role model to their young.


We reject “getting pissed” as acceptable behaviour even when NOT driving.


A practical campaign will be adopted across Australia using free public seminars aimed at families, teenagers and alcohol consumers in general. The aim is to expose the truth behind the drug alcohol and its capability of harm across the nation. We would like to plant the seed for a new future of Australian generations vis a vis alcohol / drugs. Ultimately, we would aim at curbing the trans-generational trend of “binge” drinking through the “know your limit” seminars. These are to be launched synergistically and concomitantly with positive slogans such as “.05 whether or not you drive and “if you binge drink your brain will shrink”. Accordingly,  MODERATION ought to be the key and binge episodes avoided at all times regardless of the justifying reasons. How can an individual justify brain damage through a binge “blackout”?


In an aware society, such justification ought to be regarded as justifying a cowardly punch to the head. Consequently, whilst alcohol is an integral part of our social fabric which is there to be enjoyed and used in celebratory style, we would simultaneously begin to perceive and treat it as the drug it truly is. In turn, we hope to kick start a positive domino effect which would make moderation as socially acceptable instead of current “binge” “seek tolerance” style of excessive alcohol consumption.


For the above campaign to work, we need YOUR help.


First and foremost, the media must take a positive step behind this campaign to report facts without bias or commercial pressure of alcohol advertising industry.


Secondly, a positive by-partisan political approach has to be employed by decision makers who are brave enough to tackle this complicated social problem without economical bias of tax revenues. In the end, the health cost of alcohol will end up being reduced through the success of such a campaign and will be more than mitigated by reduction in tax revenues of alcohol sales.


Thirdly, we need the support of government authorities such as Liquor Licensing Commission who can put pressure on the alcohol industry to establish that a long term successful licensed business is one that provides a safe enjoyable family environment that des not purely rely on sales of alcohol to consistent patrons.


Fourth, ironically, we need the support of field professionals and health / clinical workers who are not biased nor bogged down by treatment modalities and / or other agenda such as legalization, decriminalization, harm minimization or abstinence.


Fifth, we need the support of the community. In this regard, we designed an app (Blo-Lo) that promotes a significant educational message on alcohol helping consumers evaluate their level of tolerance versus BAC.


Please invest in this country's future leaders for the sake of our children.

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