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Conspiracy Theory

Firstly, I seek an apology if I sound angry, cynical, sarcastic or even too passionate about this issue. I feel we lost the plot. I feel we are heading down the gurgle and I also feel like we are wearing excellent prescription glasses but we still cannot see what right before our nose....


I guess, why do I ask the question?? Is it a conspiracy...


Well, in terms of comparing the awareness and health promotion surrounding quit and tobacco with that of alcohol, the latter is relatively negligible and accounts to nothing when you remove the TAC component of drink driving.


When I compare the tax revenue... it's relatively similar between alcohol and tobacco.


When I compare treatment, I also feel it's reasonably similar.


Whilst alcohol harms about 20% of its users, tobacco harms most of its users (20 to 30%). In the end, you can see that there is essentially plenty of profit remaining when all things are equal, the money made in tax revenues from alcohol is colossal.


So, why isn't the government trying to educate, treat and rehabilitate 20 % of problem drinkers when they are spending all the money they make essentially from tobacco revenues on   educating, treating and rehabilitating smokers.


I also ask: Given what alcohol causes in harm and consequences in our australian society, then the question begging to be asked is:


Why isn't enough being done?


Why aren't professional going up in arms about this drug and its extreme access, availability 24 hrs a day, seven days a week?


Why aren't the community protesting about the further accessibility and allowance for venues to serve free drinks or all you can drink nights / cards?


How come the LLC does not come down much harder on venues that have a history of alcohol-related situations and harm?


How come the alcohol industry is not further pout under pressure to apply duty of care laws, duty of provision of educational guidelines for low risk consumption, warnings on packaging / labels etc...?


How come the tobacco industry is under so much pressure and the alcohol industry is relatively pressure free...?


Why isn't the focus on moderation instead of social binge drinking as a national icon?



How come every budget state and federal governments increase taxes on alcohol and tobacco without a corresponding increase on awareness and treatment... Does that in itself show hypocrisy, in other words, the more people use alcohol, the more tax is being paid, the more revenue the government makes and the more sick our community gets...?


So, really, I ask, do we know what we are doing?


Are we really on the right track or do we simply hide under the argument of “prohibition” every time the heat is on regarding alcohol...?


Just for your information, whilst “prohibition” did not work as it pushed the illegal importation and the black market to flourish. This does not imply that freely legally available drugs / alcohol / tobacco / marijuana is the answer.


In fact, I would argue that we pay a significant price for such freedom through availability and free access of dangerous substances including alcohol and tobacco.


Let's have a look at the biggest killers amongst all the drugs available in our society to try to answer the question whether “prohibition” works and whether Legalisation and / “freedom of access” is the answer. Therefore, we ask the question: Which are the most legal drugs out there in our society???


Is the answer to this Heroine or other illicit substances...


No, and a BIG NO.


In fact, the most dangerous drugs out there is Nicotine, affecting about 30% of the community through Smoking / Tobacco.


What the next dangerous drug you ask? Alcohol affecting about 20% of the community.


What is the third most dangerous drug? Not surprisingly, there are not any other legal mind altering or addictive drugs after Tobacco and Alcohol. The third one is Marijuana affecting about 4% of the community under the paradoxical title: “recreational drug”; that is a recreational drug, that is illegal, whilst being harmful and accessible...I ask, where are we heading....?


Then the final question in this argument I hear you ask:


What is the least dangerous drug on our society and is it illegal?


I see the surprise on people's faces consistently when I inform them that the least dangerous drug in the community is in fact “heroine” affecting about 1% of our society. Whilst Heroine causes the most danger, it affect the least people. Is it legal??? Of course Not!! Is it accessible?? Only by those who know where to go to get it?? What does that say about Prohibition.



Clearly, the aim of prohibition is not to simply focus on banning drugs... It is merely aiming at minimising access, availability, ease of seeking suppliers... We can buy a packet of cigarettes at the closest milk bar and a bottle of alcohol at the closest liquor shop... How easy is it to find marijuana.... (a little harder you say... then how difficult is it to buy a hit of heroine...


I ask you, how does that make the prohibition argument look??


Is there any logic in legalising drugs..?


Wouldn't that convince you to go the other way, ie making legal drugs like nicotine illegal?


Some argue we are heading this way as smoking is becoming increasing illegal everywhere and I predict that next decade it will be as illegal as marijuana. In fact if we knew long ago about cigarette smoking and its harm as much as we knew about cannabis, nicotine would have been just as illegal.


Whilst, obviously I am not a supporter of the notion to make alcohol illegal or criminilise it...

However, I am a supporter of the notion that alcohol should only be available in moderation and strict guidelines should be made available for its use. Dealing with alcohol should be as cautious as dealing with prescribed medication; in fact, we need to regard publicans and liquor outlets as chemists / pharmacies / dispensing drugs over the counter... and as such we need to make them qualified individuals with authorised training and education...


We should have a consistent and clear definition if intoxication and when to stop serving individuals in licensed premises.


We should make it as dangerous and illegal to supply alcohol to a minor as frowned upon as supplying drugs without prescription including methadone.


We should provide “addicts” with a safe place to be injected by nurses / professionals with the substance that keeps them off the street and under control. Our aim should nevertheless to get them off drugs in the long term, in the short term, we should however apply harm minimisation when ho other choice or option present themselves.

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