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Binge Drinking Focus of Concern

Binge drinking particularly in Anglo Saxon societies has become the focus of concern of many governments throughout the world. For decades, in Australia, such behaviour has been tolerated or viewed in some social circles as the “norm”. Significantly, Australians tend to show off the “ability to drink their mate under the table” as a “gift” or a “talent”.


In 2010, the Rudd government specified “binge” drinking as a problem in Australia thereby empowering the media to pick up this issue for debate across the community. However, despite the publicity and hard hitting fear-based advertising, essentially no concrete strategies or measures have been put in place to address this enormous social problem. As was the case with “drink driving” and “smoking”, it would take decades to improve community attitude to view binge drinking as an antisocial trait.


The previous Howard Government also tried the “Zero Tolerance” approach only to be bowled over by politicians with different agenda and “prohibition” scare tactics.


Our campaign hereby described will never surrender; this is because it has its heart in the right place, the australian community health and welfare as its sole agenda and its eye focussed on the long term. We will not go away overnight.


This is history, a legendary approach to changing the way australians perceive alcohol and even other drugs. Accordingly, we reject the terms: party or recreational drugs or getting drunk socially (as normal social drinking). We refuse to accept that is is the “norm” in Australian society and culture even if it is the case currently and only getting worst.


So, for the first time ever, a world first of its type, we will call a spade a spade, no punches will be pulled and only scientific and balanced factual findings will be presented to the attention of the Australian People allowing them to make a choice / decision based on validated information.


We plan to promote in this way the educational DVD Know Your Limit presented in an kit full of life saving information such as Blood Alcohol Estimation pamphlet and Standard Drink measure along with an Australian Standard Certified AS 3547 Breathalyser. Accordingly, a practical approach will be used using free public seminars aiming at having every family, every adolescent in Australia access to this worthwhile kit. Thus, we see it as our mission to provide the required technology enabling accurate and balanced education regarding standard drink measures and BAC estimation.


Ultimately, our objective is to attempt to curb the trans-generational trend of “binge” drinking using as an intervention strategy the “know your limit” seminars synergistically with the concomitant launch of .05 whether or not you drive. Alcohol consumers of all ages should be encouraged therefore to avoid binge drinking at all times and MODERATION should be the key to it all. Thus, whilst alcohol is an integral part of our social fabric, we ought to perceive it as a drug and treat it with the caution it truly deserves.

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