Testimonials & Feedback

Testimonials & Feedback

Read what some of our participants have said about our life saving programs.

Personal Breathalysers

Personal Breathalysers

...make sure you get the most accurate blood alcohol content (BAC) readings

Get The Facts

Get The Facts

Make sure you have all the facts about how alcohol accects your ability to drive.

Drink Driving Courses & Assessments

Drink Driving Courses & Assessments

We’re here to help you on the road to get your licence and your life back.

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Need information about drink driving courses, assessments or breathalyzers?

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For details regarding your previous offence(s), such as date, disqualification period, BAC or your number of offences in the last ten years, please contact VicRoads on 131 171.


www.05.com.au is an accredited agency under the VADEP (92/003) which is fully owned and operated by the ACADEMY OF HEALTH EDUCATION OF VICTORIA PTY LTD

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