Accredited Drink Driver Courses Melbourne

Fully Accredited by the Victorian Department of Human Services (DHS). 

Need to enrol in a drink driver course in Melbourne? We offer fully accredited Drink Driver Courses  and Interlock Assessments in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

?Wasn?t as painful experience as I?d expected. The presenter did a great job detailing various range of sensitive issues such as personal circumstances and costs.?  ? Anonymous client feedback. Read more real client testimonials here

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Accredited by the Department of Human Services (DHS 92/003) to conduct the Victorian Accredited Driver Education Program (VADEP). 

We were Victoria?s first privately accredited agency to conduct the Victorian Accredited Driver Education Program (DHS 92/003) in 1985.

We conduct the Victorian Accredited Driver Education Program in numerous locations around Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

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