Personal Breathalysers

Personal Breathalysers

...make sure you get the most accurate blood alcohol content (BAC) readings

Drink Driving Courses & Assessments

Drink Driving Courses & Assessments

We’re here to help you on the road to get your licence and your life back.

Testimonials & Feedback

Testimonials & Feedback

Read what some of our participants have said about our life saving programs.

Get The Facts

Get The Facts

Make sure you have all the facts about how alcohol accects your ability to drive.

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Drink Driving Courses & Assessments


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Changes to drink-driving penalties

From 31 January 2018, if you hold a Victorian licence and get caught drink driving interstate, the same rules apply as if the offence occurred in Victoria.


This means that your Victorian licence will get cancelled and you'll have conditions such as a zero blood alcohol (Z condition) and an interlock (I) condition applied to your licence once it is successfully restored by meeting the necessary legal requirements.  


An alcohol interlock must be installed to any vehicle you drive by law.


From December 2017, a blood alcohol reading (BAC) 0.05 to 0.07% will result in immediate licence cancellation for three months, even for a 1st offence. Every drink driver in Victoria would also have interlock devices installed in their car for six months minimum period and will have to complete a new behaviour change program before getting their licence back, beginning 30.04.18


Get your drivers licence and your life back.

Accredited by the Department of Human Services (DHS 92/003) to conduct the Victorian Accredited Driver Education Program (VADEP).


Losing your driver’s licence is distressing and stressful; we’re here to help you on the road to get your licence and your life back - and to help you stay that way!


“It wasn’t as painful an experience as I expected! The presenter did a great job especially detailing a various range of sensitive issues such as personal circumstances and the costs.” – Anonymous client feedback. Read more real client testimonials here.


About the Drink Driving (Re-Licensing) Course.

Our teaching method is to conduct simple yet effective driver education courses that are engaging, non-judgmental and respectful. Losing your license is a stressful enough! Our aim is not to punish you further but to help you get back on the road and get your life back on track.


“The presenter was humorous, funny and informative. Thank you.” – Anonymous client feedback.


We promise that you’ll find our courses interesting, engaging and non-judgmental. Read more about our drink driving courses here.


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